Corporate Wear Sales

Are you a business client? We deal with your company personally and help you create a face that reflects your company’s vision and values! We produce uniforms for offices, restaurants, cafes and spa and health care as desired.

Benefits of project sales:

  • Consultation regarding customer expectations
  • Personal approach to target group for cutting solutions and materials
  • Price range corresponding to quantity
  • Convenient and fast service

Sylvie di Giusto said: “The more you deal with a client’s money, the more traditionally and conservatively you should be dressed.” Or, people who have a certain responsibility for running a business should take care that their clothing and appearance are also in line with the company’s values and culture. Every employee reflects the company and creates a first and overall impression!

Are you interested in what we could offer your company?

Contact our professional clothing project manager:

Glairy Kohv


Phone:+372 6729193

Mobile phone:  +372 515 2401