The nature of work is essential for the development of work, professional and corporate wear. Open and constructive communication with the wearer will help us identify any specific needs. However, finding the right choice from a wide range of options may prove to be a real headache.

Our strength lies in our database of repeatedly tested clothing models in the field of corporate wear and military clothing. Our customers add their own desires and dreams, resulting in a functional garment that is developed exclusively for their specific needs. Feedback from customers has made it possible to improve the basic design of products step by step and help find the right technological and cutting solutions for each particular work environment.  The possibility of ordering garments from us in several height groups ensures a significantly better end result for the wearer.

There is always a possibility that, in spite of everything, there will be a need for smaller or larger personal cut changes. With the help of our after-sales service, we can solve this problem. For example, we can make trousers longer/shorter, skirts slightly narrower/wider, and individual garments for people of special sizes.

Companies will inevitably experience a degree of workforce turnover, and employers often find themselves in a difficult situation trying to get a uniform for a new employee quickly. We ensure that the fabrics and auxiliary materials we use will continue to be available throughout our customer relationship period, and that we will deliver urgently needed garments or those that are damaged during operation in the least amount of time possible.

Requirements for professional clothing

Corporate wear and uniforms are subject to completely different factors compared to the fashion clothing. The main criteria are working conditions and length of working time, which is often longer than the usual eight-hour working day. This places high demands on the materials, product technology and cuts. The fabrics must be resistant to intensive use, frequent washing or dry cleaning,  heat treatment, while maintaining professional appearance.

On the other hand, the customer expects the fabric to be visually attractive, comfortable and pleasant to the body, breathable and non-wrinkling. Making the right choice for such seemingly contradictory expectations requires consensual decisions with the customer.

The design/cut of the model must support the choice of fabric and vice versa. One cannot work without the other. At the same time, fashion trends that tend to influence uniforms again and again cannot be overlooked. The conflict is never-ending – whether beautiful and fashionable, or still functional and durable.

At this point, we recommend product testing and small series testing to help customers build confidence in their choices. The more thorough the preliminary work, the better the result will be. However, this takes time that the customer often does not have.

A small idea or a whim to develop a new uniform for a company can grow into a successful and long-term partnership. It is not decisive how big or small your company is, you are always welcome to us,